Salida, Colorado
Secluded 435 Acre Ranch
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Points to Consider Regarding Price:
  • I purchased this property in 1995 to prevent development. This property is close to my home in the same valley. At the time, I was raising my four sons. I wanted as perfect environment as possible for our outdoor lifestyle. Now, my sons are grown. Time for a new owner and maybe new stewardship of the property.
  • The last appraisal was way back in 2007. The appraisal was done by gentleman famous for being the most conservative appraiser in the area! That old appraised value in 2007 was $4,700,000.
  • Salida Real Estate has seen very strong, consistent appreciation in value over the last 20-30 years. Many think it is well positioned to be even stronger as it has become one of the most desirable locations in Colorado.
  • The right person could work on placing the ranch in a conservation easement and likely recoup a large portion of the purchase price.
  • The ranch has good water rights, which will only become more valuable as Colorado's population grows.
  • There are no comparable properties in the area.
  • Only great luck has preserved this property for so long. Minutes out of historic Salida and surrounded by a huge expanse of government lands, this ranch would normally have been lost to development long ago.
  • On the other hand, if we do not find a buyer for the Ranch as one unit, then yes we will sell lots. What would a lot cost? Here’s a link.